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Flowstream Multigas mass flow meter for gases

Flow Ranges: 0.5 – 1000 standard litres per minute
Body: Anodised aluminum or stainless steel
Seals: Buna N, Viton
Display: Visual readout of Flow Rate or Total, Pressure and Temperature
Multi Gas Options: Menu Selectable Gases: Air, Argon, Helium, Methane (natural gas), Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen
Port Size: ¼” to ¾” NPTF
Pressure Rating: 125psi (8.6 bar)
Temperature: -25°C to +80°C
Accuracy: ±1%
Turndown Ratio: 100:1
Analogue: 4-20 mA (2-wire loop powered), 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 1-5 V, 2-10 V, 0-5 V Bi-directional (2.5 V = 0 flow)
Frequency: 0-1000 Hz, 200-1200 Hz, 0-3V signal amplitude
Pulse: 1,250-5,000 pulses/minute, user selectable, 0-3V pulse amplitude, 2 msec pulse width
Alarms: 2 independent open-collector outputs (high/low flow rate) with corresponding LEDs

OFSMultigas.pdf (561 kB)


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