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DFD Electronic Frequency Divider

Applications: The DFD series are rail mounting micro-processor based control instruments for frequency division. They are fully user programable and will adapt directly to any TM-44 turbine, COVOL output, or equivalent pulse generating output transducers.

  • Automated process control in any industry with batching or volume control for interfacing with PLC.
  • Interface with slow scanning PLC inputs.
  • Interface with PLC without calculation capacity.
  • Interface with simple counters.
  • Interface for electromechanical totalizing counters.
Inputs: TM-44 turbines, COVOL, etc
Outputs: Opto isolated
Power: 220V ac 50/60Hz Standard
Also: 24, 110, 240 Vac and 24 Vdc

DFD.pdf (79 kB)


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